Confidant, Coach, and Counselor for CEOs
Silicon Valley, CA
Coached dozens of CEOs in a role that evolved from being an outside board member. As confidant and coach, provide a confidential sounding board for supporting CEOs facing a lonely role. Provide input and coaching on practical matters, as well as sensitive matters, related to building and managing a company, a team, investors, and a board. Support the development of greater inspirational leadership in CEOs. Work on enhancing leadership power by tapping and developing ones purpose, passion, authentic presence, and by creating and mobilizing deeper meaning through work. Also work on managing stress and enhancing well being given the inherent challenges of the job. Offer 360-degree feedback based on interviews with executive staff, and board members. Facilitate peer-support group for CEOs.
Clinical Psychologist
Silicon Valley, CA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist working with individuals, couples, and groups. Completed several internships and 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience before receiving CA license in the beginning of 2012. Specialty and focus on executive oriented counseling. Experience working with: anxiety and mood problems (depression, bipolar, etc.); working with existential/identify crisis of meaning (e.g. mid-life crisis), and spiritual development. Also experience working with issues of gender, sexuality, and relationship problems, including couples counseling; plus issues related to bereavement, aging, and death. Conceived, formed, and led groups on Work, Money and Meaning.
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stanford, CA
Co-lead and facilitate process training groups (t-groups) designed to help participants develop greater emotional intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, and authentic leadership among MBA students.
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Palo Alto, CA
PhD in Clinical and Transpersonal Psychology. Clinical interests in interpersonal mindfulness, and in the healing value of awareness in the here-and-now. Dissertation research done on the development and application of a model of inspirational leadership. Results show its strong contribution to effective business leadership in a study with 42 company CEOs and 210 members of their staff. For some of my academic papers, see
Valicert Inc.
Mt. View, CA
CEO. Joined 2-person technical team as founding CEO. Developed business plan, raised funding, and built the management team and organization to over 250 people spanning multiple countries and locations. Grew annual revenues: 1998: $0.1M; 1999: $1.6M; 2000: $11.8M; 2001: $24.2M and executed successful IPO. Instituted an employee development process that utilized 360-degree feedback for all employee. Successfully integrated the culture of several acquired companies. Implemented corporate restructurings to cut costs as the tech economy softened. Cultivated and developed successor.
Draper Fisher Jurvetson Venture Funds
Redwood City, CA
Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Developed and analyzed new business opportunities, ultimately leading to several successful investments including Valicert and C2B Tech investments.
Individual Inc.
Burlingame, MA
Founder/Chairman/CEO. Conceived new business concept and founded this pioneer of personalized newspapers and interactive media. Built management team and cultivated unique culture that emphasized self-actualization and personal growth through the development of clear mission and values statement that resulted in high employee commitment and low turnover. Raised funding from premiere VCs and corporate partners, including Kleiner Perkins, Knight-Ridder, and Microsoft. Developed partnerships with AOL, Lotus/IBM, and Microsoft. Successfully completed IPO. Grew annual revenues: from $800 thousand in 1991 to $24 million in 1996.
Aegis Venture Funds
Lexington, MA
Associate. Evaluated various business plans and ideas for this early stage venture capital partnership, ultimately leading to the formation of Individual.
Rational Software
Santa Clara, CA
Manager, Product Marketing. Recruited and led the product management team through various product cycles as revenues grew from zero to over $20M annually for this dominant provider of software development tools.
Harvard Business School
Boston, MA
MBA. Received first and second year honors. Graduated in the top 10% of the class.
Cambridge, MA
Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Authored thesis. GPA: 5.0/5.0.
Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Authored thesis. GPA: 5.0/5.0.
Israeli Air Force
Entered as Private and received 5 promotions. With the fastest promotion record in the history of my regiment, ended tour-of-duty as Sergeant Major. Received awards for commanding and leadership abilities, including: Best Cadet in training program for sergeants and Best Soldier in Regiment.