Details on my Inspirational Leadership Model and CEO Effectiveness Study

My PhD study with over 250 participants including 42 company CEOs and 210 members of their staff, has validated a comprehensive model of inspirational leadership. Inspirational leaders breathe passion, purpose and cohesion in their organizations. Their teams are more committed, work harder, have greater team spirit, exhibit higher morale, and have lower turnover. Becoming an inspirational leader involves the developing the following six dimensions of leadership:

1. Meaning -   Mobilizing meaning for the organization by articulating a vision for service and instilling a sense of purpose:
    - Vision: Painting a detailed and compelling picture of the future.
    - Service: Why are we here? Articulate how your work and organization add value to the world.
    - Purpose: Focus and drive for you and your organization beyond money, including finding meaning in your challenges.
2. Positivity/Passion -   Leading with passion and positive emotions to instill hope, trust, celebration, joy and fun:
    - Passion: Bringing vitality and energy into your daily activities.
    - Hope/Optimism: Inspiring optimism, hope, and confidence that things will work out for the best.
    - Gratitude: Appreciating and celebrating the positive successes along the way.
    - Joy/Fun: Experiencing and bringing fun and joy to your activities and work.
3. Teamwork -   Fostering relatedness, teamwork, cohesion and unity in the organization.
    - Relatedness: Feeling and fostering connection and interpersonal relationship with other.
    - Synthesis: Finding connection and common ground by synthesizing conflicting, contradictory, or paradoxical viewpoints into a coherent perspective.
    - Unity/Holism: Taking a wide systemís view when looking at situations and problems.
4. Presence -   Showing up with your full attention and clarity of intention in every moment.
    - Attention: Being present and attending to what and who is in front of you rather than letting your mind wonder off.
    - Intention: Awareness and clarity of purpose and intention in your in your engagements and interactions.
5. Inner-Directedness -   Aligning with and inspiring others from your core of authenticity, inner-freedom, and centeredness.
    - Integrity/Authenticity: Ability to discern and stand firm and in alignment with your values and truth.
    - Freedom: Ability to think and act creatively outside the box, or break free from outside norms/convention.
    - Centeredness: Ability to stay calm and centered even when things are uncertain and chaotic around.
6. Truth & Reality Orientation -   Open respect for truth rather than driven by ego gratification.
    - Egolessness: Humility and non-defensive openness to feedback.
    - Acceptance/Openness: Ability to accept, remain curious, and love the truth without defense, resistance or resentment.

"I truly enjoyed and learned from the study and the questions (felt they were thoughtfully written). Its hard, if not impossible to get this kind of feedback as a CEO. Plus my team loved it. They appreciated the opportunity to give me feedback and assess their own abilities."
CEO Participant

"I enjoyed taking the survey and reflecting on my decision-making, and leadership style. Gave me a lot of introspective thought and insight. And the coaching and lessons based on the results were invaluable. Thanks for including me."
CEO Participant

"I have greatly benefited from the quick process of taking this survey and reflecting on my leadership style, how and when I lead based on fear versus hope. †Plus, my team has enjoyed the process and liked the opportunity to give me anonymous feedback and assess their leadership abilities as well."
CEO Participant

"By participating I came up with 10 areas of improvement in my work, and more importantly, my life. It was also important to hear what my strengths are so I can continue to leverage them. Thanks!"
CEO Participant