Services: Private Confidant and CEO Coach with feedback for CEOs

The aim of my services is to help you become a more effective CEO and a happier, more actualized, integrated, and balanced human being. I work with people via a retainer or on a project basis.

360 Degrees Feedback for CEOs:

Everyone else (except the CEO) in the organization gets regular feedback. Why wait until the situation is troubling, you are having difficulties with your board or team, or even worse, you are in danger of losing your job? And even if you’ve gotten a good bonus, wouldn’t you want to know what people perceive your strengths and weaknesses to be? The best CEOs keep working on their game. We all want feedback. My aim is to provide you, the CEO, with some constructive feedback. I interview your board members and staff. I can also meet with a few of the rank and file employees to assess their views on your leadership style and corporate culture. On a confidential basis I learn things they usually will not tell you directly. I synthesize their input into a write-up (for your eyes only), and we go over it together. I would recommend doing this annually.

Yosi Amram has been my business and personal advisor for 5 years. I started 3 companies during this period, successfully and unsuccessfully. Yosi’s coaching led me through the business challenges as well as helping me grow as an individual. His approach cultivates serenity and confidence. His advice helped me to stop, analyze and reflect, avoiding the danger of distress and burnout. His coaching helped me leave problems in the office and carry my drive and energy into other activities in my life.

— Founder & CEO

It is one of the highest ROI investments you can make. A 360 Degree Feedback is also a good first step toward beginning a Private Confidant relationship.

"...the most emotionally intelligent leaders actively seek out negative feedback as well as positive. Those leaders understand they need a full range of information to perform better-whether or not that information feels good to hear."
-- Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee

Private Confidant and CEO Coach:

In this service, I am your private confidant and coach. I am here to help in address the ongoing challenges of being a CEO. I also seek to help you develop greater emotional intelligence, and to fuel your passion and leadership fire.

And depending on what you need, I can be your coach, counselor or just an intelligent and confidential sounding board. Among the ongoing practical things I routinely help clients with are:

  • Recruiting board members and developing the right board relationships
  • Hiring of key executives
  • Coaching or terminating non-performing employees
  • Raising money
  • Communicating with investors
  • Preparing for an important board meetings
  • Conducting and delivering 360-feedback to executive VPs
  • Making important strategic decisions with a calm and clear mind
  • Developing and handing the reigns to a successor
  • Giving an important talk or speech
  • Dealing with or delivering bad news
  • Liquidity and exit strategies: public markets versus company sale

I also routinely work on longer term self-development and transformational leadership issues like:

  • Creating a high performance team
  • Developing a culture of accountability AND innovation
  • Becoming a better listener and a more emotionally intelligent leader
  • Mobilizing meaning through an inspiring mission and values statement
  • Achieving balance and harmony between your personal and work life
  • Maintaingin a regular program of physical and mental exercises that keeps you invigorated
  • Becoming a a more effective communicator and public speaker
  • Enhancing your creativity and intuition
  • Developing an authentic presence that inspires others
  • Reinventing yourself and/or your company
  • Becoming a better coach and a transformational leader for others

Whatever it is, I am there -- to listen, brainstorm, and help. We discuss (completely on a confidential basis) whatever is on your mind. No one on your staff or board needs to know we are working together. Where can you find someone you trust whose sole interest is in helping you, but who has also been there and understands the issues?

We meet periodically in person, or on the phone (given your busy schedule), anywhere from once a week to once a month. I am also available on the phone (or email) in between meetings or when traveling. And you can evaluate the value of this relationship at no cost obligation during our first two meetings.

"Few leaders, even veteran CEOs, can do the job without talking to someone about their experiences, which is why most develop a close relationship with a trusted colleague, a confidant to whom they can tell their thoughts and fears."
-- Kerry Sulkowicz
Harvard Business Review, February 1, 2004
"Cultivating special relationships, those whose sole purpose is to help you along your path, is crucial to continuing development. Mentors or coaches, as we have seen, help you to discover your dreams, to understand your strengths and gaps and your impact on others, and to guide you through the steps in your learning plan. Just by calling someone 'mentor' or 'coach' isn't enough--the relationship must be one of candor, trust and support."
-- Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee